NSW GRN SD Card update - Version 1.14

Updated 24/03/2020

Covers the following areas:

Sydney City

Sydney West

Sydney South

Sydney North

Northern Beaches

Central Tablelands

Hunter Region

North Coast

Central West

Northern Tablelands

South East

North West

Western Region


Murray Region

Aust Capital Territory

Available as a Micro-SD card update for the following models:





SDS 100 - USA

SDS200 - USA

USDS 100 - AU


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The NSW GRN Data-base is now available as a Micro-SD Card update to replace your factory supplied Micro SD Card. It has been revised and has had some services including NSW Police removed as they have moved to Encryption in most areas now.

The replacement Micro-SD card is a simple change over and gives you access to hundreds of GRN sites and Emergency and Public Service TGID's (Talk Group ID's) throughout NSW and the ACT.

Navigation of the card is done via the favorites list of NSW State Regions and then broken down to individual Council Regions.

Each State Region is allocated a favorites quick key as shown below: (FQK=Favorite Quick key)

Sydney City - FQK - 1

Sydney West - FQK - 2

Sydney South - FQK - 3

Sydney North - FQK - 4

Northern Beaches - FQK - 5

Central Tablelands - FQK - 6

Hunter Region - FQK - 7

North Coast - FQK - 8

Central West - FQK - 9

Northern Tablelands - FQK - 10

South East - FQK - 11

North West - FQK - 12

Western Region - FQK - 13

Riverina - FQK - 14

Murray Region - FQK - 15

Aust Capital Territory - FQK - 16

RFS PMR Channels - FQK 17

RFS (CNV/DIG) -FQK 18  Contains RFS Conventional Analogue and Digital Channels (NON GRN)

Fire & Rescue (CNV) - FQK 19 Contains FRNSW Conventional Analogue and Digital Channels (NON GRN)

Ambulance Service - FQK - 20

St John Ambulance - FQK - 21 

ESO - UHF (CNV) FQK - 22 Contains ESO Conventional Analogue and Digital Channels (NON GRN)

Nat Parks & Wildlife - FQK 23

UHF CB Radio- FQK 24

Amateur Radio - FQK 25 All Amateur Radio bands covered

Marine Radio - FQK 26 

Sydney Airports - FQK 25 Kingsford Smith – Bankstown – Camden – Holsworthy – Rose Bay - Richmond

Each favorite contains 'systems' - these systems are made up of the local Council Regions and contain all the GRN sites relevant to the system being monitored. (Does not apply to conventional analogue/digital Systems)

Systems also contain 'departments'.  A department contains the GRN TGID's used by each individual Emergency or Public Service.

For example:

If you lived in the Central West region you would activate favorite number 8. This is a simple procedure by simply pushing the 8 button followed by the E.Yes button on your Scanners keypad.

Once you have selected the Central West region favorite, you can then monitor the Council Regions inside that favorite.

In the Central West favoirte there are 11 individual Systems that represent the 11 Council Regions inside the Central West.

These are listed below:












Individual Council Regions contain all the relevant locations for the GRN sites in and around that region.

Most of the Council Regions also include additional sites that border it. (Where available)

This means that your Scanner will not only search for allocated sites within your selected region - it will also look for additional 'fringe' sites if available.

What can I hear?

If you are within a dedicated NSW GRN network area and provided you have good reception to the network, you could expect to hear some of the following services. (TGID's - Talk Group Ids).

FRNSW (Fire & Rescue NSW)

SES (State Emergency Services) - Revised TGID 'tags' (20/05/2019)

ASNSW (Ambulance Service of NSW)

RFS (Rural Fire Service)

Hatzolah (Hatzolah Ambulance Service)

Rds & Martime (RMS)


Endeavour Energy

Hunter Water

Sydney Ferries

Dept of Corrections

Sheriffs Dept


Hire Radios

Sutherland Council 

ESO & Government Liaison

While not all TGID's are available in all areas, there is always plenty to hear. As their names suggest, Hunter Water and Sutherland Council are most likely not available in all areas. This also would apply to Sydney Ferries. You would not expect to hear the Sydney Ferries in the Blue Mountains.

FRNSW - SES - ASNSW & RFS are included in ALL Favorites, regardless of the location.

Don't want to listen to a particular Talk-Group? You can turn off (avoid) any department or system via the Scanners keypad. 


To view a current list of Talk Groups used in the data-base, please click on the button below.

NSW GRN SD Card update

Quick Key and Navigation Guide

Includes Basic set up instructions.

Learn How to turn OFF unwanted Favorites

Click the button below.




Includes updated SD card and Free Express Postage

E-mail ozscan@outlook.com

Important information - please read and consider before purchasing the Micro -SD card update.



The Data-base is compiled using the latest information from various sources including web pages and private submissions and the ACMA.

The ACMA provides a search facility to check the frequencies in your location.

Click on the button below to to view the Register of Radio communications Licences


While every effort is made to provide the most accurate information, the nature of the data is such that it could change at any time without notice. The NSW GRN is a government owned radio network and they are not obligated to provide any information regarding how the network works or who uses it. Site locations, Control Channels, Frequencies and TGIDS are all subject to change without notice.


There may also be additional information added to the Data-base in the near future with the NSW Government poised to add more Sites to the network. 


The data-base is constantly being reviewed, revised, updated and corrections made.

Once you purchase a copy, future updates are free and available as a downloadable link.


The link will provide you with either a completely revised data base or the individual Favorite that has been updated.

To apply the updates you may either have to be fluent in the use of Sentinel Software or confident in downloading the data and then applying it to a new or formatted Micro SD Card.


While I am happy to offer basic support - it would be expected that the download option does require some computer skills.


If you are not confident in applying the update yourself, you can post a Micro-SD card to me and have the update applied and then have the Micro -SD card posted back to you. The only cost to you is your postage. A pre-paid return envelope must be enclosed with your Micro SD card for return postage.

Feel free to contact me regarding this option.

If you have any questions regarding the card - please feel free to contact me directly at ozscan@outlook.com

The information used in the NSW data-base is sourced from private submissions and from various web pages. 

Thank you to each and every person who has e-mailed me details regarding Site information, Control Channels or other important information to ensure that the most current and correct data is used. I have simply used that information to create a data-base that can be used with Uniden's 'Sentinel Software' and to provide on-going support with updates etc. The data-base will have additional services added over time and will eventually become the most comprehensive and accurate one available in Australia.   

There is also a comprehensive NSW GRN site location map that you can access to check the information relevant to the sites used in the data-base. The map is updated weekly and if you would like to contribute information, including corrections, please e-mail your submission to ozscan@outlook.com

(Click on the NSW GRN Site Map to access)

The following web pages where used to verify and cross reference data from the ACMA. 

Thank you to:

Sydney Scan - Discovered late in the process but an excellent site to verify and cross reference information.

Radio Reference


Personal submissions from the general Scanning community. There are simply too many to name personally here. Thank you.

USDS100 $950

Now includes the LARGER capacity BPS100 battery and larger cover installed.

Also Includes Updated SD Card*

 & Free EXPRESS Mail Delivery

E-mail ozscan@outlook.com

* SD card update applies to NSW - SA - Victoria & Tasmania only

USDS100 inc BPS100 Battery Fitted

Update information

NSW GRN Version 1.00 - Release date April 20th 2019

NSW GRN Version 1.01 - 26th April 2019 - Revised site information on Sydney City data.

Updated site location for Sutherland Shire.

Minor alpha tag tweaks and quick key allocations.

NSW GRN Version 1.02 - 28th April 2019 - Removed duplicate Roads and Maritime TGIDS and added in new ones to a single Roads and Maritme (RMS) Talk Group.

Added in ESO & Government Liaison Talk Group ID's to all systems. (Thanks Brett)

Corrected spelling mistakes 'South East' Favorite. (Thanks Adam S)

NSW GRN Version 1.03 - 15th May 2019 .Added in 7 more Favorites from quick key 17 to 23.

Corrected Site quick keys in 'Riverina' favorite. Revised Site frequencies for Razorback site in Sydney South/Campbelltown site.

NSW GRN Version 1.04 - 20th May 2019 - Revised all SES TGID Radio Tags.

NSW GRN Version 1.05 - 10th June 2019 - Updated site information in Favorite Sydney South, added control channels 

to Sutherland Shire system. Kirrawee, Cronulla and LaPeruse sites. (thanks Brett) & Minor 'tweaks'.

NSW GRN Version 1.06 - 16th June 2019 - Revised and added in a Statewide RFS PMR department to RFS PMR Channels favorite. Minor tweaks to overall data base.

NSW GRN Version 1.07 - 30th June 2019 - Added in St John Ambulance Frequencies to Favorites Quick Key 24.

modified data in NSW Police VHF and UHF Channel listing. Modified data in NSW Ambulance UHF and VHF Channel listing. Minor 'tweaks' to sites and locations.

NSW GRN Version 1.08 - 11th August 2019. revised some site locations and frequencies in 'Central West' Favorite.

plus additional minor 'tweaks'.

NSW GRN Version 1.09 - 25th August 2019 . Added in RFS Simplex Channels (Fireground) VHF & UHF.

NSW GRN Version 1.10 - 21st September 2019 . Added in Sydney Airports, also corrected an issue where the 'Sydney North' Favorite was missing RFS talkgrous in the following Systems. - Central Coast - Hornsby - The Hills Shire and Ku Ring Gai. Also addressed some spelling mistakes of locations. (Thanks to 'Mike R' for finding the RFS TGID problem).

NSW GRN Version 1.11 - 5th October 2019 - Added in Fire and Rescue Tactical and Tasking UHF Chnanels in PMR Analogue and Digital. (Source data - Radio Reference)

NSW GRN Version 1.13 includes updated site information - additional regional site updates. General 'tweaks', correction of some names (Spelling mistakes). Currently reviewing all site locations and applying any new frequencies where required. Another update will be released within a month of this one. 

17th Jan 2020 - Removed the NSW Police Favorites - no longer available to monitor.

Version 1.14 - March 24th 2020 - Complete removal of Encrypted Police Services and other outdated SES Channels. Revision of many site details including control channels. Additional Favorites included - Marine - Amateur Band and update of RFS and FRNSW Talkgroups and Conventional Channels inc PMR etc.


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