NSW GRN V 4.00

Replace your factory supplied Micro SD Card with this updated NSW GRN Version.

The card is available to suit the following models.

USDS100 AU model

UBCD436PT AU Model

UBCD536PT AU Model

SDS100 US Model*

SDS200 US Model*

SDS200E  EU Model*

BCD436HP US Model*

BCD536Hp US Model*

* Special order only



Includes Delivery

To purchase a card, click on the respective model number below that suits your Scanner.

The link will take you to Paypal to complete your payment.

UBCD436PT - NSW Micro SD Card
UBCD536PT - NSW Micro SD Card
USDS100 - NSW Micro SD Card
Special Order Models - Click the send button to forward your request. Please include the model number of your Scanner and your contact details.
What's on the card?
Favorites Listing (with QK #)

Sydney Metro F - 1

Western Sydney F - 2

South Sydney F - 3

North Sydney F - 4

Blue Mountains F - 5

Northern Beaches F – 6

Central Coast F -7

Cntrl Tablelands F – 8

Hunter Region F – 9

North Coast F – 10

Central West – F – 11

Northern Tablelands F -12

South East F – 13

North West F – 14

Western Region F -15

Riverina F – 16

Murray Region F – 17

Aust Capital Territory F – 18

RFS North PMR F-19

RFS South PMR F-20

RFS East PMR F-21

RFS West PMR F-22

RFS Amlg PMR F-23



ESO – UHF (CNV) F-26



Nat Parks & Wildlife F-29

UHF CB Radio F-30

Sydney Airports F-31

Amateur Radio F-32

Marine F -33


Services Included


SES (New TGIDS coming soon)



Rds & Martime RMS


Endeavour Energy

Dept of Corrections

Sheriffs Dept


Hire Radios

Sutherland Council

ESO & Gov Liaison

Hunter Water

Please note that not all these services are available in all areas.

To view a current list of Talk Groups used in the data-base, please click on the button below.

RFS PMR Channels Analogue & Digital

FRNSW Channels

Ambulance NSW Channels

St John Channels

National Parks Channels

UHF CB Radio

Sydney Airport

Amateur Radio 


Please note that not all these services are available in all areas.

Important information

Please read and consider before purchasing the Micro -SD card update.

The Data-base is compiled using the latest information from various sources including web pages, private submissions and the ACMA.

While every effort is made to provide the most accurate information, the nature of the data is such that it could change at any time without notice.

The NSW GRN is a government owned radio network and they are not obligated to provide any information regarding how the network works or who uses it.

Site locations, Control Channels, Frequencies and TGIDS are all subject to change without notice.

The Data-base is a foundation to build on - you can change - add or delete information via Sentinel Software.

I would encourage anyone who uses this data-base to download Sentinel Software and open the data up and explore it.

Learning to use the software will make it easier for you to apply your own updates and make any changes to make the data-base more specific to your needs or location. 


There may also be additional information added to the Data-base in the near future with the NSW Government poised to add more Sites to the network. 


The data-base is constantly being reviewed, revised, updated and corrections made. This is by no means 'perfect'.

Once you purchase a copy, future updates are free and available as a downloadable link.


The link will provide you with either a completely revised data base or the individual Favorite that has been updated.

To apply the updates you may either have to be fluent in the use of Sentinel Software or confident in downloading the data and then applying it to a new or formatted Micro SD Card.


While I am happy to offer basic support - it would be expected that the download option does require some computer skills.


If you are not confident in applying the update yourself, you can post a Micro-SD card to me and have the update applied and then have the Micro -SD card posted back to you. The only cost to you is your postage. A pre-paid return envelope must be enclosed with your Micro SD card for return postage.

Feel free to contact me regarding this option.

If you have any questions regarding the card - please feel free to contact me directly at ozscan@outlook.com

The information provided in the data-base is available FREE on the internet via various searches. I do NOT own the information provided. Your buying the 'configuration' of the data-base. NOT the information.

Extra information, including a detailed NSW GRN site map and other documents will be sent to your e-mail address to download or view, once your purchase is complete.

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E-Mail ozscan@outlook.com  or visit Ozscan at Facebook
Click on the map below to view current sites
NSW GRN Site Map.jpg

FREE! Tasmania data files

The Tasmanian EDACS network is going to be replaced with a new Apco P25 Network - similar to the current QLD Network. It is expected that many of the services including Tasmanian Police - will be encrypted. The download links provided are FREE. 
Make the most of it while it lasts. The days of listening to the Police in Tasmanian are numbered....

Buy your Scanner here ready to go!



Uniden UBCD436PT - $640

Uniden UBCD536PT - $740

Your Scanner will come pre-configured with the latest firmware update and an updated NSW GRN SD Card at no extra cost.
Please allow 24 hours to process order and prepare for dispatch. Order confirmation and tracking details will be sent to your e-mail address as supplied via Paypal upon payment. Please take into account Public Holidays and Weekends.  Shipped via Australia Post Express Mail.  
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